Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Acute Physiotherapy next day

I took a taxi to hospital today so I could see the "acute" physiotherapy - She wasn't cute, but the acute phase of an accident is the immediate aftermath and healing process.

The main thing that took place at that session was the physio ensuring that I walked normally as soon as possible and not walk on my toes which she said would store up trouble later on. It was suggested I could wear high-heels as this would take pressure off my calf. Reader, I can just see that happening. I don't own anything with heels greater than one inch! I am not your average stiletto woman :)

The physio was also a little concerned about the fact my right calf was much colder than the left (despite I suppose much use of ice over the last 24 hours). I was instructed to return to A&E if this leg became any colder, or swelled up.

I was then issued with an appointment for "remedial physio" at my local leisure centre where they have physiotherapists from this hospital.

This physio also reiterated she thought it would be at least 4-6 weeks before I was dancing again. Walking at this point, seemed a luxury.

I felt very low later on in the day when I thought of my Monday ballet class and missing my place in that studio and the friends I have there.

I elevated my leg and switched on the TV, preparing to exercise the remote control.

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