Thursday, September 11, 2008


Very unfortunately I do not look like a beautiful, graceful mermaid, doing my 'Mermaid Exercise' It would be an injustice to whales, and any other members of the animal kingdom to say I resemble them doing the exercise. I am just finding it very hard - especially to the right. My arm just can't take my body weight, and nothing is helping to hitch me up. I think it is going to be some time before I crack this exercise. Still, I should reflect upon how evil I found the adductor exercise, and now hardly break a sweat doing that.

Did a boring class today with a teacher I hadn't had before. It was so repetitive and not necessarily in a good way. Also the teacher didn't go round giving any personal corrections. This is unlike the excellent teacher who teaches me 2 days of the week. On another note, whilst I am in full 'moan' - my hamstrings are very sore - there is no doubt these new exercises are demanding!

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