Monday, June 8, 2009

Physio Update

I had a physio appointment today. I was able to report that things were more positive than on the last visit, but that I had been having problems with the tracking of my left ankle onto demi-pointe which K is going to look into next time I see her. For now she decided that it was more critical to resolve my right hip which is twisting away and pulling my tight left QL. My gluteus medius is over-working and "carrying the can" because my other abductors and hip extensors are not doing as much as they could or should be. I have a new exercise (moderation of an older one I had been doing) which I do lying on the floor, followed straight away by some active work standing. In addition K suggests that the pilates staff work within in a smaller range with me in doing hamstring work because she doesn't think I am able to cope with a large range of movement. I will feed this back to them when I see them. Finally, K has said that she would still like to present me as a case study (with me) using my blog notes. Need some more people to visit this blog - I am just not sure how I get it promoted...!

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