Thursday, July 30, 2009

Proprioception and No feedback. Problems all round!!!

On Tuesday, T started to implement K's advice on correcting me before I make mistakes and more "hands-on" correction when she can.

I am experiencing two separate problems. One is that in not using the mirror, I no longer have visual feedback on what the back of my right leg and my right hip (line) are doing, so had no idea, for example, that on Monday I had been going into extreme hypermobility on the right-side, and I had no idea how to pull myself out of it, or I couldn't understand how to correct what T wanted me to do.

On Tuesday, T had corrected my shoulder line, but then came around to me several times when the right leg was my supporting leg and applied finger pressure to my hamstrings and lower gluteal rotating muscles, which were apparently totally inactive. I had peered down my leg to look and she told me that she wanted me to "feel" the difference. The trouble is that I am getting so little sensory feedback from my right hamstrings, especially at the top of the leg, I cannot yet make the connection in class. When T activated the points it definitely helped, but the muscles fatigued off very quickly, and I was in some pain later on in the class.

I am finding everything quite confusing, and I am not sure I am explaining myself at all well, but my body feels really deep, and my joint range seems to go on forever. My legs feel like deep-soup.

I felt quite depressed at the end of the class, that my ability is so poor, that despite all the exercises I have been doing with K and pilates etc, that nothing seems to be improving after all! Any ideas....?

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