Friday, August 28, 2009

Aching joints and other woes!

Things are a bit slow all round just at the moment. I have 'hit the wall' with my MSc Thesis, but once I get past that, I believe I will be OK in the end. I have had suspected Swine Flu for the past week and feel incredibly fatigued and my joints are aching like hell - partly because I have been inactive and done no ballet in almost 2 weeks, and no pilates for a week. I am keeping K's exercises going and have resorted to stretching to relieve my aching joints. I guess that is all flu rather than JHS related.

In terms of my K exercises - I am now much more on top of my right hip than I was when I got that new exercise back in May/June time, side bends, heel-raises and hamstrings are all progressing, but I still hate the standing against the wall stretch. I think I am almost ready for another appointment and some new exercises.

Ballet hadn't been going well and (still wasn't) in terms of using the mirror (or not) and in coping with the new regime with T attempting to get some kind of feedback from me by helping me find sensation in my hamstring. T says I seem to "resist her corrections!". I think that my body is still confused and still hasn't worked out how to engage the correct muscles. I will talk to K to see how we progress this or not. Interestingly, a recent video of me shows that I am engaging my right hamstrings (ones I cannot feel) much better than the left - so don't know how that works!

When I next see K, I think I might see if she has some suggestions for how to engage my adductor muscles in a more dance-specific way. I am really good at all the adductor exercises on the floor and in pilates, but my adductors seem to remain in a coma when I am standing and active.

Despite studying this condition in research conditions for the past six months, I am definitely no clearer to understanding some aspects of it. In terms of the literature, JHS people decondition more quickly - I am now accepting that I have deconditioned slightly because of not dancing for 2 weeks, but I must say my calves are much, much better because of the break. Right now, my body wants a holiday, and my brain - well, frankly a transplant wouldn't now be out of the question!!!

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