Friday, March 26, 2010

New Goals

K (my physiotherapist) will be meeting M (my Pilates teacher) to discuss how to faciliate my future progress. I have also thought about this and would like to work on the following goals:

Short-Term (Acute)
  1. Manage neck pain and headaches
  2. Fatigue (resulting from the above) and resultant upper body/'hand' pain
  3. Improve upper abdominals and neck stability
  4. Knee tracking - constant clicking of both knees, particularly left.
  1. Further improve lumbar spine stability at hinging level (go even deeper than I am now - will need time)
  2. Develop mobility in thoracic spine whilst continuing to strengthen cervical spine
  3. Continue to develop strength in gluteals, hamstrings and adductors so calf release can begin
  4. Shoulder stability/arm strengthening work
  1. Improved overall functioning with less fatigue
  2. Greater control and stability in my most hypermobile areas and
  3. More flexibility in the tighter areas
  4. Able to manage 'full' allegro again in ballet (this goal is still not yet attained)

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