Friday, April 2, 2010

Physio Update

I saw K yesterday. I was able to report that my headaches had decreased although the fatigue was still a problem. I said that my neck was improved to the right and it now seemed that all my problems and pain were left side related. I also asked her to look at my knees because of them sticking /popping. K said that the whole of my left lateral side was tight and she did work on my knee which she was said the problem was coming from my hip. She also said that the medial aspect of my patella was slightly inflamed. K also continued to work on my neck and first rib and had to be careful because I had a few minor episodes of spasms, so again K had to back off. K didn't give me any exercises - so looks like I really am allowed to rest!

K said that I change almost from moment to moment and that she wonders how much I am mentally processing things whilst she works on me as my tissue changes and then changes back again. It seems most peculiar! K says that it is more difficult coming up with a definitive treatment plan for me because things are so changeable each times she sees me!

I explained to K how difficult remaining high up on the demi-pointe is for me, so we are going to address this next and attempt to start releasing my calves. This will be at the same time as continuing work in the cervical area before she attempts to get into the thoracic area.

K has now been treating me for two years. She said that when she first met me, she wondered how I managed to walk! - Looks like I have come along way since then. I had no idea I was in such a mess!

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