Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Update and Changes

My calves have changed over the last few weeks. All these things I have been going through - e.g. sensations of weakness when doing Pilates, and then all the over-reactions I have had -e.g. in having my calves palpated all seem to have abated and the result is my calves are now much softer and less painful. Their measurements have also changed - particularly to the larger calf. When I originally injured my calf the circumference of my left calf was 43cm and my right calf was 39cm. This was a substantial difference. My left calf is now 40cm and the right calf has remained at 39cm, which is a more acceptable difference, and the left calf has released, hence what seems a loss of muscle. It is very good news that they are now more even, but much more so that they are in much less pain, are softer, released and hence functioning better. The improvements are clear to see in ballet, where I can now manage significantly more demi-pointe work than I could prior to this physiological change. The angle and biomechanical tracking of my ankle and foot onto the demi-pointe needs improvement, and I am hopeful that I will be able to get higher up in the demi-pointe and therefore sitting less into the lower limb, but I don't think that will take much longer. I therefore hope that I can start to do more allegro - the main problem there is now a lack of agility and speed, rather than pain. I probably need to start running and jumping a bit more generally before I have the confidence to do so in the ballet studio. Pilates have already started some remedial jumping work with me on the reformer. I am hoping to try the trampoline soon!

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