Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lower back in Agony!

My lower back and sacroilliac joint are in agony. I have no lateral side flexion to the right, although have some to the left. I am only able to achieve spinal extension by hanging into my most hypermobile hinge. Forward flexion is alright until I straighten up at the end, so spinal extension is also painful. I keep on ending up in this state as of the past month and really don't want to have to see K earlier as well as later in the week. I am sure she doesn't want to see me either!! My hamstrings are slightly tight, but the restriction is definitely coming from my spine.

Back pain - going into hypermobile hinge
I did some mind body Bowen and this helped briefly, but then when I went to attempt my physio exercises, things have upset things all over again. I will attempt more Bowen, and then I can take painkillers etc, but I am rather fed up about it all because I had wanted to do a lot of ballet this week, including a private lesson on Tuesday; but can't see it happening just at the moment. I just want all this to go away!!!

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