Saturday, May 14, 2011

Memory and Concentration better

I have begun to find that my memory and concentration are improving in ballet and I am much less anxious about sequencing and recall and remember more. I am also less distracted by my body and injury and pain which means I can concentrate much more on technique and performance. As a result I felt much more confident in trying an intermediate level class at work rather than doing one of the beginner's classes I always do. I did another beginner's class (that I had been regularly doing) and lost the will to live in boredom, so I clearly need to raise my game now in terms of class levels.

On Thursday I did the same intermediate class again and we did grand jetes en tournant, a step I had not being doing for years! It felt great to manage all the allegro in class and dance and perform normally and not be distracted by injury and pain. This was after having calf cramp in the morning!!!

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