Sunday, July 17, 2011

True Parallel and Calf Preparation - from ITB Goes on Holiday!

"When I first got on my bike today, but my bum was sore, but my left knee really hurt, and that caused me a little anxiety – but I realised that I am really experiencing training pain – which explains also why my lower back is sore. After my 90 minute cycling stint I realised I was tracking my knee really nicely and on walking to the Cafe Du Commerce, realised that my left leg was in total parallel." (Day 2 from ITB Goes on Holiday" Knight, 2011)

 "It occurred to me that K is going to have to get into my calves and achillies now, as the insertions of hamstrings, which feed into calf, are also tight. I decided that now was the time (then and there, at 4am) for me to start to properly acquaint myself with my calves and start to learn to love them, a bit like I had to do with the skin in the same area, when I did CAT in 2006, and started applying cream to my legs to cope with palpating my skin. I felt that if I didn’t do some preparation work myself, it is going to be harder for me to allow K to access the area, and have some suggestions for her as to ways forward. I need to be seated during the treatment and to be able to show her what I can manage myself first to give her  some sort of starting point. Given that we have worked together for so long, and that there is so much trust between us now, I believe this will be possible, but I need to get over this." (Day 7 from "ITB Goes on Holiday" Knight, 2011)

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