Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Featured in the Daily Express!!!

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Achelois said...

wow famous now. Good information, shame though they failed to mention ehlers danlos hypermobility type (formerly k/a type III)! Depending on the severity obviously, thought by many to be one and the same! It is rare these days for it to be referred to as hypermobility syndrome and for those who present in A & E and it has happened to people I know, not much information comes up and they can be sent home when in fact they need testing for aneurysms (rare I know) but those who may be suffering severe gastoperisis for example they can be sent home instead of being taken seriously. Yes registrars really do google and EDS has much more information available to them for a sick or distressed hypermobile patient when they may know little or nothing about the condition. I have EDS as does my daughter and a lot of my family. So would always urge that anyone diagnosed with EDS does not allow hypermobility syndrome to be plastered all over their notes as it can mean one is taken less seriously. For once one of the tabloids has at least reported symptoms and cause without too much sensationalism or misinformation! Well done for spreading the word. Hope this makes sense, just started on zomorph and brain is taking a while to catch up!
Hope today was a good day for you. Been too unwell to surf the net for a little while so not up to date on any blogs I am afraid. Just had to stop by and say congratulations. Hope this means the book sells more copies.