Sunday, November 20, 2011

Horrendous Fatigue and Global Muscle Pain

Well, dear reader - this is just unbelievable. If I could find just one muscle in my body that doesn't hurt today, it would be a miracle.

Yesterday I had a good physio session with K. I had come in a really good mood and was wearing my collar. I did a bit of shopping afterwards (kept finding nice expensive dresses I would have loved, but couldn't afford). I then came home and did a short (5-10 min jog/walk) round the park, mainly jogging. I then went swimming. Unfortunately the hydro pool was closed because it was broken.  I did have to swim in the main cold pool, but kept going and did what I'd usually do in the small pool and had less swimming area than normal. I came home via doing some food shopping and ate. Fought to stay awake for Casualty - which I enjoyed because I love Dr Dillon Keough and then went straight to bed. Exhausted beyond measure. Woke at 8am, more tired than when I went to bed. Have just got up to try "getting up" and had a bath which is one of my pain tactics. Took some Diazepam and had some coffee, but my eyelids are drooping again and my bed is calling me back. I can obviously do "nothing" more physical until I have had at least 5 days in a row without collapsing in severe fatigue. I have got the beginnings of a sore throat again and continuously have early signs of infection. The pain is just dreadful. I have a book which needs writing and a whole other pile of stuff, not to mention work I need to do this afternoon and God forbid something nice like visiting a friend. I wonder how I have any friends left. No. Today is stay in bed and or watch TV. My arms are now hurting so am going. When am I going to get better from this? Patience is not one of my strongest virtues. If I was giving advice to a patient I would be telling them to go and rest. Now I must follow my own advice! Good day and Good night!

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