Thursday, November 3, 2011

Normal people don't react in quite this way!

Last weekend I came down with a cold. Big deal. Lots of people have a cold at work and in the country generally. It is normal. We all get several colds a year. However, having a rather unstable head/neck and T-spine have caused me additional compliations. The sore throat I started with was all at the level my neck is blocked at. I came out with a cold at the weekend, and thought that I was dealing with that - despite having additional nausea and feeling 'a million miles away' K treated me on Monday and did a lot of work on my TMJ. She re-assessed my 'Walking Hands up the wall exercise' and I could do that. The new aspect of the exercise included removing one arm and then the other arm and then both arms off the wall in attempt to keep my head in a stable position. On Monday through to Wednesday I had just about managed that, though head was moving when both arms came off the wall.. Today I cannot even walk my arms up the wall - as I have butterfly spasms going on and a complete lack of control. I am in nodules of pain systemically, especially upper body. These are fibromyalgic points. Most 'normal' people would not have this, particularly, and I know this is not a flu (where pain would be a factor in normal people). I am also severely fatigued, with muscles overworked everywhere.

On Tuesday evening, although I did not go to ballet class, I did some ballet at home and my body felt like chewing gum. It was extraordinary and was just so fluid and lovely - but I don't think there was much strength. Yesterday I spent most of the day in bed, went to bed for the night at 8pm and was exhausted beyond measure. Today I am so weak that even typing is hard. I can hardly walk, and no deep postural muscles are working. This is definitely not what happens in 'normal' people. I get so weak so quickly. I am more and more tired and can do even less. I am still housebound today, but struggling because I am running out of food so will either have to make an effort to walk to the local shops - but I may as well be walking to the moon because walking to the end of a corridor to check my postbox is far enough.

On top of the pain and fatigue we have a nasty chest. My normal peakflow supersedes males of my age and can be at least 550-600. Presently it is 350 which would still show as being normal for a woman my age, but for me this feels terrible as it is so below my 'normal' range. Doctors don't understand this and so this is just another measure of being normal, for other people, but abnormal for me.

K has written about working with me on my Facebook page and I have done links with hers. I feel so sorry for K because this whole situation is so difficult and my symptoms are just catastrophic - the cold has just finished me off. Despite this though - bladder and bowels are much better than they were and my lower limb function is remaining good despite me now feeling weak. When I danced it felt beautiful. It is important to continually hang on to what IS good despite the abnormality of other things. Because K is always so positive, I can remain positive despite being at a very low ebb today.

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