Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hanging into my Joints and no control!

                                                       Isobel in 'attitude' photograph by Marial Schroer

This picture was taken on a day when I had lots of control. It was also very wet outside -but that is a different story. Anyway, It is possible for a hypermobile person to have strength, but they might find they sacrifice some of their flexibility. Some of us (e.g. me!) want it both ways, but actually prior to my hospital admission I was probably the strongest and fittest I had been in myself physically - almost ever in my life. Now I am back to hanging in my joints, moving poorly with minimal control of my hypermobile extremities. It is miserable, painful (my knees keep slightly going out on me) and very tiring. I still have numerous trigger points including in my arms and hands, upper back and neck. I have no idea how much longer this state of affairs is going to last, but I haven't bothered to get dressed and am hanging about in my pajamas until I need to go anywhere later on. I think I need to keep resting whilst doing some very gentle and minimal physiotherapy rescue exercises - e.g. pelvic tilt. Will try and see if I can talk to my physio later today.

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