Monday, January 28, 2013

Movement Disorder - Neuro Update

I had a hospital appointment with the lovely Dr E and he has suggested that I need to stop having any manual therapy for the moment and so physio is presently suspended until further notice. I wasn't very happy about a total ban on all manual therapies as my upper back and neck need attention, so will continue having Bowen Therapy which is less risky for the area, it seems, than physio. Dr E has said he will send me to a Neuro-Physio if my movement disorder persists at its present level. We have agreed I am in a flare-up situation, but that it should settle, as it has been before. He will certainly see me again sooner if there is a problem, or send me to neuro-physio. I can continue taking medications, as appropriate.

A few days prior to seeing Dr E I did some Mind Body Bowen work on myself which gave me another beautiful emotional release. Everytime I do this I get just a little bit better.

Ten days after my last physio appointment and things have now really calmed down and there are no spasms, but just muscular tightness and tension. Bowen required and lots of sleep!

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