Sunday, May 19, 2013

Physio Update - Right hip problem

For sometime now I have had problems with my right leg when it becomes the working/gesturing leg (in ballet), rather than the supporting leg. Flexion in external rotation has been difficult so I have been hitching my right hip in order to get higher extensions. The left leg, by contrast has become a much better working leg as it was being so overused as a supporting leg.

My physio could see the imbalance and said that it looked like my gluteals were weak which was contributing to the problem. This had been pointed out be a Pilates teacher a week ago! He did some manual therapy on my right hip and gluteals before giving me an exercise that would involve working on my medial hip rotation (which is very restricted) and would also ensure that adductors were being used as ITB and TFL have been too dominant on the right. He also asked me to do some work in kneeling.

I did my exercises before going for a long walk today and my hips are now sore internally, but I felt very upright and poised; pelvic floor working very well and thoracic spine more engaged following work in arms and upper body (doing a version of 'the plank' modified and using the wall).

This is the first physio appointment I have had for four months, and shows how well my musculo-skeletal system is working (at leasst). Pity about other systems.....!

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