Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Work on TMJ (Jaw)

I finally braved it and asked the Osteopath who has been working with me lately to have a go at working on my TMJ. In the past this has been extremely risky and increased my Movement Disorder as well as making neck and migrainous symptoms worse.

This time, because of the extra work I had been doing on strengthening upper body including traps and rhomboids etc, there was much less problem with that "kicking off" and there were no "spasms" or the Movement Disorder, which had been so difficult in the past.

G did work in gently mobilising neck before doing actual work around my TMJ (so sensitive!) or inside my mouth (with gloves on). My jaw so wants to go to the left and everything is pulled in that direction so he had quite a challenge in persuading the right side to take over a little more.

After the treatment I felt my jaw was more clicky, but unfortunately today I am feeling a little migrainous and queasy and the area feels rather sore - but getting into this area has always been 'dodgy' so am happy to see how it goes over the next week, or before I can have more treatment.

It would be so nice to have less pain in this area and to stop hearing my own heartbeat all the time, not to mention opening my mouth more 'straight' and having a less clicky jaw!

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