Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm doomed if I even move

I didn't have a very good class tonight. I think that this was because we had to do a lot of battement tendus and jetes, alternating closings in first and fifth. The problem lay in the changes of closings and the fact that this alters the alignment of the pelvis. Whilst I was desperately trying not to over-rotate, I was going into my hyperextension even more than normal whilst trying to keep my pelvis level. I felt so defeated at one point I almost stopped completely and stood with feet in parallel!

"I wish I could stand properly with out going into my hyperextension, but it is physically impossible, even if I pull up my quads. It is all too awkwards"!

Luckily centre practice was better and I decided to have a break from my legs and enjoy my arm-lines instead. I am sure I had forgotten all about my turnout by the time we did allegro, but I was enjoying it anyway, and I have to capture some enjoyment from this, otherwise it is going to be easier to stick to my previous bad habits!

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