Sunday, April 27, 2008

Left leg issues a red card - again!

Oh dear, oh dear! My left leg threw a wobbly during allegro in today's class and again it was during a sequence involving Assemblés - where the dancer takes off from one leg, landing on two feet. I felt the same unpleasant sharp "twinge" and had to leave class and get some ice for it as soon as possible.

Fortunately this really is a strain and not the same level of severity as to the right leg. It is just really unnerving for me because I do not know how badly it will hurt, or take to recover afterwards.

There are definite factors at play which are increasing the probability of injury:

· Muscles sore from the class/day before
· Repeating the same exercises continuously or doing too much of the same thing
· Being pre-menstrual

I am seriously fed-up with this going on, and may have to think about how much allegro I do just at the moment. That, and listen carefully to when my body is saying it is sore and tired and please go easy.

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