Saturday, September 6, 2008

Physio Review

On Tuesday 9 September I am going to have a physiotherapy review as there has been a long gap since my last appointment because my physio has been away.

Here is where I am at and what I am still doing usually 6 days a week:

* Hip Flexor exercise - 4 x extensions on each leg (from lying supine)

* Oblique curls 100 each session

* The Clam - 4 with left leg, 8 with right hip/leg

* Adductor exercise - 25 reps with each leg for those killer inner thighs!

* Hamstring exercise - 40 on right leg on its own first, then both legs slow speed, and bringing legs up to bum, fast speed

* Gluteal exercise - 10 reps on left side, 22 on the right side

* Calf exercise - 20 reps on right leg only, 4 reps on each leg for achilles stretch

* Squats - no set number, just until my legs are tired.

* Side stretches - 5 on both sides, approx 3 x a week

* Transfer of weight in turn-out - to right only and not as many times a week as it should be - 5 reps each time.

* Foot work - not doing much - you gave me a thing for my big toe, but didn't persevere with this exercise :

T has been doing a new exercise called The Mermaid which I find really difficult. It involves lifting up the side of the body onto the arm. I am so weak in the sides of the body and arms, it is untrue. I have a feeling this is an exercise I ought to be doing.... Ask her about it - or I can show it to you.

So where next?
I don't know which bits of the puzzle you think should be addressed next. Lateral aspects of the feet underused, leg lengthening and out of hips, weight not being on my heels, wishing I could like first position....
I would be grateful if you could briefly check over my knee. It isn't painful during class or impinging on my dancing in anyway...yet.

Also - what do you think about me doing allegro yet? I have been doing a tiny bit and it has been OK, but still nervous of some steps and can't cope with fast speed either. I am not in a tearing hurry either way on this.

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