Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sterno-Naval Connection

I always think of the 'Sterno-Naval Connection' as some major intercity rail station, and so it is, as it is two parts of the body which should have a connection. Unfortunately mine don't. They have derailed, partly as a result of the anterior rib cage overworking and the posterior aspect of the ribcage and surrounding muscle tissue not working at all.

Today was my first pilates session in a formal pilates studio. It should have been fun, but it was potentially depressing since I am supposed to have a little working knowledge of pilates, having done considerable matwork over the years. What I don't appreciate is how much room there is for me to cheat at doing this - not intentionally, but when you have someone watching over you like a hawk, there is no room for error, or letting oneself off the hook.

I found it desperately hard not to protrude my ribcage since it is very obviously how I breathe, and when this was stopped, I couldn't physically breathe either. Over time, I think this can be changed, but yet again, it will take considerable effort and concentration from me to achieve this. My pilates instructor also noticed how stuck my thoracic spine is, and will look into some exercises to address this.

My first go on the 'Reformer' was interesting - I go into significant hyperextension of the right leg (basically because the right leg is so much more hypermobile). I only did plies using this machine today.

I came away feeling very sore and tired since I had done a full ballet class just before the session, which was possibly not such a good idea - other than I was warm. Another thing i have noticed is that my hamstrings are very tight and I am not doing as much limbering as I was.... Time to readdress the balance, I say!

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