Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Physio Update

On Monday I had a physio update and my new direction of work will be pelvic orientated so that I can work on sorting out my pelvic tilt and the fact the left side of my pelvis is so tight. My new exercises are now:

1) Thoracic exercise again keeping back flat against wall or mirror
2) Pelvic tilt exercise lying on the floor
3) Demi-plies with pelvic tilt corrected
4) Calf-stretch with pelvic tilt alignment corrected

In addition I can continue with the other exercises and work on the "stork" proprioception exercise involving balancing on one leg with my eyes closed.

My physio did some work on me, but no sooner had she corrected one area, then the other area went back to its previous state. It was very peculiar, but my collagen behaves in the typical way of Joint Hypermobile Syndrome. It might explain my very sore calves.

I will be continuing the thoracic spine work with the pilates studio people, but my physio thinks that correcting the pelvis is the first way forward. I can continue with 2-2 feet allegro, but nothing more still at this stage.

I have discussed my latest physio appt with my ballet teacher and she also agreed with the work on sorting out the pelvic tilt. Good for all my experts to be in agreement with each other, and for the full-support of my team!

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