Saturday, December 13, 2008

Back drama!

Following a horrendous pilates session on Thursday, which I didn't enjoy, and didn't find the instructor very nice or helpful, my back felt "dodgy" yesterday. I didn't appreciate how dodgy until I attempted some ballet and pilates from home and went into a pose into 1st arabesque and the whole of my lumbar spine went into complete spasm in extension. Movements into flexion (e.g. forward bend) were all fine - but I could move my back in extension or laterally. Was a bit anxious about the this since I have enough structural problems in that section of my spine as it is.

I Bowen treated my back immediately and tried to keep moving. Later on I iced it, then had a warm bath and took some NSAIDs (against my usual principles!). I then did another Bowen session on it and went to bed.

This morning it is still very stiff, and I cannot do anything with my leg derriere above about 20 degrees, but hopefully it is just a severe muscle spasm which will ease with more Bowen and gentle movements. I hope I can dance on Monday!!!

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