Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Regime

Isobel in Arabesque

It was decided at my last pilates session that I need to keep all my exercises "going" even if I am not doing them daily. To this end, I am now creating a master-planner exercise schedule for the next three weeks, and see how I stick to it. Yes, I am going to block out a few days over Christmas, because I think that is realistic. I will not be exercising on Christmas day- (bound to be too full as well!).

I had good ballet classes this week. My back is still grumpy in arabesque, but pain in a very focused point only - around the disc prolapse. I got a "Better, Isobel" for my Grand Battements - this is really good feedback because there has been problems with them for months. I didn't get such good feedback for my arabesque, which wasn't square, standing on left side. More work indicated there, then!

I had a good pilates session today, and no pain from my back during the session. It was much more positive than week's class. This will now have to last me, since the next one won't be until January 2009!

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