Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Weight

Oh dear, Oh dear. The damage is a 2kg surplus which will have to come off tout-suite. So no more mince pies for me. I have also gone and bought a new leotard - perhaps I should have waited until a few or two after Christmas? The new leotard has a very low back, so no excuses not to see what is going on around my thoracic spine - just worried about this style of 'low back' in case my shoulders and other parts of my anatomy 'fall out', God forbid!

I am sticking really well to my Pilates Exercise Schedule - and my back is continuing to be 'dodgy' and had very severe back pain on Boxing Day. It is unhappy doing arabesques also, in today's ballet class. I need to see K quite urgently about this as my back has not been this vulnerable for a long time. :(

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