Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Soreness and tracking issue

Correct Demi-pointe Position from

I discussed the fact my calf is sore again (laterally) and that I have a tender spot on the lateral aspect of my left heel/ankle with a physio colleague of mine. She palpated the area, and then did various things including looking at my hip mobility and my knee. She had a look at me going on to the demi-pointe in parallel. She then altered my pelvic alignment into neutral and got me to use my adductors. This took the pain away. It looks like I am not engaging my adductors as much as I can, further backed up by what happened in a ballet class the night before, also I am not using the medial aspect of my foot, so too much of my weight is falling to the small toes, and not enough to the big toe joint. This is definitely something to think about in terms of tracking and movement, and something else for me to work on. Again the problem of me being hypermobile came up and how being hypermobile distorts the posture - all of which I know (increasingly!)

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