Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Physio Review

My next physiotherapy review is due on Monday 8 December, so I would reflect on where I am at with my latest exercises:

1) Standing stretch against the wall (for thoracic spine
2) Subtle pelvic-tilt in sitting
3) Table-top hip-flexor exercise, with support
4) Ongoing gluteal exercise from the last appointment
5) Ongoing foot exercises from the last appointment
6) Mermaid (from the last appointment)
7) Using the reformer machine in the pilates studio to practice jumping
8) Body circling in standing on one leg

I am still doing all the above exercises, though haven't done 1, 2 or 3 quite as often, or maybe frequently, but less diligently, if this is possible. Much of the work on the thoracic spine has happened in the pilates studio, and to extent in class.

I have increased reps in all other areas, and have been periodically been doing adductor work. I also learned a new gluteal exercise this week in 'Pilates into Ballet', which I believe will be helpful. In order to ensure that the adductor work starts coming into the ballet studio, I believe a new exercise or development of that area will be required. Further work somewhere is also needed to relieve my very fatigued calf muscles, and for that, I do require additional physio advice, and for support on my present motivation to adhere to this programme of exercises. Finally, further pelvic work is probably needed - I also lack a full understanding of exactly how my pelvis should be aligned during classical ballet class - perhaps something to discuss with my ballet teacher!

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