Sunday, January 25, 2009

The joys of Joint Hypermobility Syndrome

Strange sensations...

I am not so sure now about how good having wobbly legs actually is. For the past few days I have been suffering from strange sensations – numbness, tingling and cold in my lower leg; even to my hamstrings. I also feel incredibly unstable just standing on my own two feet. Additionally I feel extremely fatigued, but also calm and relaxed.

I emailed the following to my physiotherapist:

"I am all over the place, legs feel very weak indeed, seem to have lost all the muscle I worked so hard for. Having strange circulatory problems (calves cold - especially right, and feet also - unusual for me). I feel I have lost control - so whereas I thought it was great having straighter legs - now am not sure especially since if I accidentally collapse into the full hyperextension. My muscles are as soft as butter! I am also still in a lot of pain (back) and feeling totally exhausted. I wonder how much dancing I should be doing"?

How can I possibly prove to someone that this is going on, without sounding a like a complete hypochondriac? How is this experience both measurable and definable? I suppose in my case there is photographic evidence of how my legs looked locked into hyperextension, so I will probably need some new ones in their new state. It might show something different about my posture, also.

“Somatics is the field which studies the soma; namely, the body as perceived from within by first-person perception” (Hanna,1986a, p.4).

“A simplified definition of somatics might be “bodily based access to information about the whole system and its interactive patterns,”, or; very simply, knowing oneself from the inside out”. (Fitt, 1996, p.304)

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