Thursday, January 15, 2009

Physio Update

I had a physio appointment today. I reported:

1)Thoracic exercise again keeping back flat against wall or mirror
2) Pelvic tilt exercise lying on the floor
3) Demi-plies with pelvic tilt corrected
4) Calf-stretch with pelvic tilt alignment corrected

The above exercises given on 8 December 08 initially caused significant back pain, including an acute episode where my back went into complete spasm and was “locked” causing very limited extension. Bowen, ice, gentle movement improved the situation; however my back remained unstable, sore and irritated for a further two weeks in the L4/5 region.

Alongside my new exercise regime, I incorporated a programme involving your previously “set exercises” upon recommendation of the Laban Pilates Team. I do a rotation of six different exercises daily.

Within three weeks of sticking to my regime, including my new physiotherapy exercises, I noticed that my lower abdomen was becoming extremely strong (feeling like steel) and fat in this area was beginning to shift. More notable was the change in the degree of posterior pelvic tilt, and my ability to control this. Finally, despite the initial irritation to my back, I noticed that I was losing the degree of flexibility in my lumbar spine at the expense of greater strength and control. For me the loss of mobility might present a challenge to my freedom as a dancer, but the long-term protection to my lumbar spine should ultimately be worth it.

In terms of my calves, as soon as I re-started ballet, the left leg became very sore and irritated straight away. The left, lateral, anterior knee is also sore. I reduced my turn-out to allow for this, but it was sore the next day. I have given myself a treatment, but am becoming very fed-up and see the calf-symptoms as very negative. I am particularly concerned about left leg being much more symptomatic than the right, despite the fact the right leg was the injured leg. Do you have any suggestions about ways forward in this because I am beginning to get really disheartened about it in class!!

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