Thursday, January 15, 2009

Physio Outcome

At my appointment today, K decided that we would change the direction of approach of working with me, and that she would do some interventions on me rather than just set new exercises.

It was agreed that I would carry on the rotation of exercises I was already doing to retain strength in the areas that need it - e.g. gluts, adductors, hamstrings. In addition I really need to do as much proprioception work as possible, and work on challenging my balance in different positions with use of mirror and without. K did give me one thing to work on involving a sideways movement to the pelvis, but she didn't need me doing lots of repetitions of this.

K said that I had all the ingredients of a recipie working separately, but not integrated in a dish yet. She said that she would like me to now be working more neurologically, rather than just muscularly - hence the proprioception work. In pilates she wants me doing lots of wobble board work and anything that challenges my balance, and taking my limbs out of hyperextension.

K did some work on my pelvis to see if she could free up the left side, which is so tight. There was a warning that this work could aggravate my back again. My next appointment will now be 2-3 weeks time as K is now doing work on me.

Finally, I very much need to hold on to the belief that I will return to doing allegro again in the future, and to ignore people who give me any grief about not doing it, or challenge me about why I am not jumping. The most important thing is to sort the pelvic area out first.

K and I talked again about the fact I have hypermobility syndrome. I am still finding this hard to get my head around, or fully accept.

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