Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ballet was good this week

Ballet was good this week, and the only reason I can conclude it being the case was because my physio and I mutually discussed me temporarily stopping classes if I felt really fatigued at the moment. Actually doing this meant that it strangely took pressure off myself and allowed myself to choose that it was OK to dance.

The thing is I feel guilty if I don't do class, but in actual fact taking a break would probably mean I returned refreshed. I could also use imagery which would retain the muscle memory.

It was great to complete all my classes without needing ice or not being able to walk properly for a few days in between.

I also did some physio exercises and can't believe how quickly I have lost muscle tone in stopping them for only a few days. Apparently one of the problems with people with JHS is that their overall muscle tone is poor and they also have less "type 2" or slow twitch muscle fibres which is why they can't sustain positions for long and fidget a lot!

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