Saturday, February 21, 2009

Physio Review on Monday

I have another physio appointment on Monday, and it has been one month since my last appointment when I was in a bit of a crisis after the changes in my alignment after the Feldenkrais session, which have held. I still have less perceived hypermobility in my knees that I did - or so I am told by some people.

My calves are still being a nuisance, and someone following my blog said how she had to give up because of repeated injury problems due to excessive hypermobility. It isn't just the range of joint movement that is the problem, but the rest of the soft-tissue structure. It is already likely my calves have much scar tissue in the them.

I think that my physio will want to do more to my hip again, which I won't be overjoyed about because this has caused a lot of pain in my back. Having looked at a movement analysis of myself doing Grand Battement, (which I will post on here shortly), I can see a massive twist to the right in the upper torso, which might be contributing to pain.

I don't know what I want from my physio - but I am not making any progress in ballet at all right now and a lot of this is due to the fact I am having to stop half-way through class regularly because my calves are too fatigued!!!


elise said...

Hi Sweetie,
If s/he hasn't already done so, have your physio look at your SI joint if moving your hip causes back pain. I went for 10+ years of tests (some I'd rather not remember) and it only took my current PT two sessions to figure out that the years of pain in my hip and lower back were caused by my SI joint being out of whack! My pelvis would tilt so the right side of the iliac crest was forward of the left side. Tons of referral pain and nerve pinching through my pelvis, lower back, hip, and leg. So very common. Just a thought.
Is the hip pain on the same side as the calf injury?

Isobel said...

Thanks Elise. Do give me your email address if you want to or go on my website and email me