Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Physio Appointment Update

I had my physiotherapy appointment yesterday. K has changed tack with me and has decided not to do more work on me just at the moment, which antagonises my back pain in the site of my disc prolapse (L4/5). She did say that we needed to work on L5/S1 which is extremely tight. Anything just above that level of my spine is very mobile.
At the moment continuing to work on my core stability and pelvic tilt is also very important.

I have a new exercise. Just one. Working on the deep gluteal muscles which control lateral rotation or turn-out in ballet. Just contracting these muscles deeply more than three times is very difficult for me as I engage my quads and adductors which we don't want (for this exercise). My muscles fatigue so quickly that this is all I can manage just now.

On discussion about my calf fatigue and fatigue generally, K and I discussed the idea about me taking a break from ballet, because I could continue to rehearse the moves or "image" the moves in my head just as effectively, and not lose out any fitness. It is something I will continue, although both my ballet classes were very much better so far this week.

K will review me in a week. I need to keep working at adductors and hamstrings as best possible in class, or do my exercises again from home, when I can.

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