Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Dancing!

I had the biggest compliment I have ever received from my ballet teacher, N, today. N said that I had fantastic facility, turnout and 'legs to die for'. She said that I just need to keep developing the muscle to hold the flexibility - particularly in keeping the right knee in line with the second toe in turnout, which requires a greater hold from the hips and gluts. If only she knew how hard I have been working on my gluteal exercise from K....!

For the rest of the class I felt great. It had never occurred to me that my physique was actually good for classical ballet. I had only ever thought of the negative aspects of the hypermobility (see the rest of my blog!) not the advantages. N's comments have given me a real confidence boost.

I was almost going to attempt some allegro from the corner, but continued at the barre - as don't want to blow it now!

I have physio next week so we will see how likely a return to allegro is!

Happy Dancing - watch this space!

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