Sunday, April 26, 2009

My problems....

I thought that this might be better constructed as a list:

· Calves are now painful at a base pain level almost all the time, regardless of activity
· The left calf is now the more tender and sore of the two. It also fatigues more quickly.
· The right hip is much more flexible than the left, and despite the left leg being overall less flexible than the right, I can extend it higher than the right leg in an active stretch.
· There is more fat visible on my right side – e.g. when doing an attitude or arabeseque
· My back is sore and irritated and often painful at L4/5
· My sensory awareness and proprioception is still impaired, and balance is therefore poor – particularly on vertical balances.
· Because of my hypermobility, and size of my calves, doing anything through first position requires a bit of ‘shuffling’ – it has been suggested I don’t close my heels in first position.
· I have so many things to concentrate on that remembering the step sequences is often the last thing on my mind. When I get that wrong, I get told off, then I become anxious and so it goes on and on

I think that these problems are nearly all related to Joint Hypermobility Syndrome (JHS) and not just my problems as a dancer.

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elise said...

Most definitely, Mizz K. You sound perfectly normal in my world, though it sucks when others don't understand. Hopefully your own knowledge and self-awareness will lead to a better relationship with dance, if not to your teachers. You have a calling so listen to it, but it might also not come in the form you expect.
gentle hugs and ice for your calves,