Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Physio Outcome

I talked through my report below with K today. She did have a look at my calves and the left one is tighter and the right one has tender spots. In the end I have now developed sensitized sensitization of the nervous system - however as I know from my pain management courses pain does not equal damage - and that is the case here. Hopefully my back will also settle down in due course.

K has given me a new exercise to strengthen the area which is so hypermobile around L4/5. I have another exercise for medial rotation or "turn-in" - it also works on hamstrings and adductors. K suggested I don't work the full range always in hamstring work, and do some isometric work.

K said that things weren't as bad outwardly as they might seem to me at the moment and that this would pass. I will see her again in 4-6 weeks for further review.

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