Friday, June 5, 2009

Memory cue helps reduce anxiety

That sounds rather like a newspaper heading - but a simple memory cue did help to reduce my anxiety in my ballet class this Tuesday. We were doing an adage which it looked like I might forget. T, my ballet teacher said to me, "Don't copy, Isobel. Trust yourself that you know what to do." It was as simple as that, but my timing and the exercise were then spot on. I felt calmer. Research has shown that people with JHS are prone to anxiety (Bulbena and colleagues, 2004), and in my opinion that might effect concentration levels. I am also, unfortunately an ego-orientated learner and that also has implications for concentration, if I am too interested in the "competition element" of class. Anyway, the memory cue was helpful and I was grateful to T for her help.

Unfortunately I seriously aggravated my gluteus medius (as I later discovered) during our waltz-turn sequence. I have had hip pain now for about the past few weeks. Ice was needed later on and painkillers.

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