Saturday, May 30, 2009

General update

I haven't posted much on here for a few weeks - so what is new? My calves seem more sorted again and in "less pain". I have had several weeks of very poor sleep which has aggravated my chronic pain - but I realise that part of this is because I hadn't had proper REM sleep and therefore my muscles aren't relaxing properly. Since I have had some sleep, my pain has improved. I do have some right hip pain, but it seems that this could be related to my gluts now overworking and pulling on the muscles and tendons attached to the greater trochanter. I don't know - if it is not one thing, it is another; but that is because the body is so interlinked.

I have been continuing to do my physio exercises, but have been trying, when I have the time to do two pilates sessions a week as I really want abs of steel.

In terms of ballet I would say that my balances have improved again - although I did an appalling balance test today at college and I still struggle with balances with my eyes closed and my proprioception is still poor.

I was screening dancers for Joint Hypermobility Syndrome today - it was a really interesting experience and fascinating how many have suffered subluxions as a part of the condition. I live and learn!

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