Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In "Attitude"

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elise said...

Hi lovely,
Just thought I'd drop a note to say hi. You are not alone in your challenges, though I am not sure hearing that helps when you want something so much.
The way you describe your need to look at your foot or frustration at not being able to remember the movements in class is so familiar to me - though I never knew why I had those problems at the time, I wonder if it would have helped my sense of self to be aware of EDS/JHS.
There are some people with this disorder that say we are more beautiful (soft young-looking skin), more intelligent (we are constantly adapting to every situation), and more creative (need to come up with other ways to do the things others take for granted) than the average person. I hope that gives you a chuckle.
Sending you some hugs and encouragement to keep being good to yourself.