Thursday, July 16, 2009

Physio Appointment Update

Well it looks like I've got my work cut out again for the next 6-8 weeks. K had read my blog and so was (scarily) up-to-speed with what I've been up to since my last appointment. So I have four new exercises:

1. Hamstring curls again - but this time at the very end 105-120 range with my legs in flexion, and I will do fast kicking again.

2. Heal raises with a tennis ball (starting hands holding on, ensuring pelvis is square and that I utilize both legs equally.

3. Side bends with arms above head - so small side flexion only.

4. Standing against the wall, keeping my spine flat. Again, this is one I was given before, around Christmas time, but it wasn't one I enjoyed very much. Will have to give it a go again and persevere.

Additionally I am to continue to work as much as possible without a mirror in ballet (and pilates), except for very simple movements, that K has said I can look at. In order to try and intercept my neuromuscular memory, K has also requested that T, my ballet teacher, attempts to correct me, ideally 'hands-on' before I get to the position of difficulty, and NOT after I have made the mistake. This, admittedly will be quite a challenge for T and we'll only be able to concentrate on one position at a time given I am not the only person in the class! I will pass the note that K wrote for T and give it to her when she next teaches me (at the end of July).

K and I discussed how I will present my blog. I want to do it without emotion, factually and with some academic background - if presenting to professionals. If presenting to other JHS patients, will do it as myself.

Later in Pilates, M gave me a challenging time, but then said how much progress I had made. I ended my day doing half an hour ballet on my own, and feeling vindicated.

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