Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I have a physio appt on Thursday, so am reflecting on what I will take to my session with K. I was thinking that my right hip might be looking better and seeming stronger until T said that it was raised again during grand battement. I spoke too soon! My back is a lot better again, thank goodness. Last week really wasn't fun. The fatigue that accompanies this condition is, well - frankly tiresome.

I would still like my calves to hurt less - particularly the left one, and I had another episode of cramp last week. I am also acutely aware of how much I am going into my hypermobility at the moment - both in my knees, back and elbows. When I close my eyes it is a nightmare and my range of movement seems huge. I still have a very poor sense of proprioception. I was discussing with T tonight that my balances are much better in arabesque and attitude and in doing pirouettes from second than any balances involving a vertical stance. This has to be to do with my hypermobility.

In pilates we continue to work on my hamstrings and hip etc. I'd love a spell involving having straighter legs - like after my Feldenkrais experience.

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