Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It is all about deep abs

I saw K and I talked about the exercise I hate standing against a wall, and how it was not improving. She decided that the reason why is that this exercise is too hard for me, and has given me an amended version which is all about engaging the deep abdominal muscles. It seems that whilst the superficial ones are all working quite well, I am without the deep ones. This rings true from comments T has made to me in "Pilates into Ballet".

K observed my back in the light of the potential scoliosis findings. She said that my back was "incredible". I don't think that this was meant as a compliment - but echoed her amazement at the little snake dance my back does as I reach into forward flexion. Again K noticed that I am still standing predominately on my left leg, which perhaps explains calf fatigue on the left leg.

K did some work on my ailing right gluteous medius. She notices that my tissues are very tight and behave strangely. She mentioned the words fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue which I am very much going to try and ignore (neither word surprises me, but I am trying to block them out anyway). At K's suggestion, will mention that to HB and see what happens next. In the mean time I soldier on with my unstable body.

K felt unable to completely ban me from ballet, but has recommended I take things cautiously. I did go to ballet, and enjoyed the adage element of class, but my hip was indeed sore and I am just so unbearably tired. I am hoping that the end of my MSc will relieve some of the fatigue.

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