Wednesday, October 7, 2009


My body seems to be completely over-reacting to everything at the moment. I don't like it at all, and I don't understand why. I have been doing T's pilates and ballet classes for almost two years and for some reason following Monday's class my body is in pain all over with some very key points of pain in my hands, wrists, armpits(!), shoulders, and then hamstrings and adductors which I never even worked!!! The pain is disproportionate to what I did in the class and is bad enough to make me feel exhausted and keep me awake at night. Subsequently I feel "run over" today. I am at a loss to explain why my body is behaving in this way, and it can't be all to do with feeling fatigued post my MSc course. Additionally my glut medius is very sore. T couldn't understand why I wasn't doing a particular exercise in pilates and kept on at me to use my abs more, but it was because it was hurting my hip too much. I explained that afterwards and she said it was "interesting", but didn't elude further. I am now not sure what I should/should not be doing exercise-wise, but I am grumpy because I am so stiff and look the least hypermobile person in the world. I look like an 80 year old dancing at the moment. Not happy or pleased!

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