Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Goals

I felt that in the light of recent posts being quite negative I should reflect more positively on what I would like to continue to work towards in the absence of a whole new body:

1) A superb sense of balance and an understanding of verticality without going into my hyperextension

2) A thoracic spine which gives me something and "yields" just a little

3) A right leg that pulls its weight 50-50 and instead of phoning for the left leg all the time!!

4) Out of this world extensions and being able to hold my leg up by my ears would be a good start.

5) Having individual muscles which actually do some work so that I don't have to use the whole muscle group to achieve anything. Maybe that is why my life is such hard work at the moment...?

Actually on that note I am often told to use "even more" muscle, but the teachers concerned may not understand how I am already using everything that I have already to the nth degree and I have no more power to give. What I would like to do is to write a book about JHS and certainly still more needs to be done to explain the implications of JHS as a dancer.

I get so frustrated because I know I work and try so hard not just in dancing but in life and work. One of the things I work for is control and that is the thing I can never have in my life. The thing being the most difficult to control being my physical body. Classical ballet is all about control and precision. Perhaps I should just do something else!!!

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