Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Having good classes at last!

Despite the recent negative posts below the pictures, I can finally say that I have had two really good ballet classes in a row. My expectations were very low considering I had spent another 1.5 days in bed unable to move and the same afternoon in a fatigue-induced brain fog - I somehow managed to do well in class. I recognized the importance of doing some gentle exercise which is so important when one has chronic pain. I had thought I would just do half an hour of pilates and walk away, but did the ballet class and enjoyed it. I felt so much better at the end of the class which shows just how important the psychological aspect of dance and endorphine-releases are. I didn't sleep at all well, but felt much happier. I danced again today and although my calves and hip are sore I had another good class and got some really good feedback from T. She wants me to think from "where my life began!!" (one of her expressions) - but said I cannot keep trying to lift even higher from my already high centre (thoracic spine). I think K would say that this is because the only stability in my spine remains in the thoracic since the lumbar is a law unto itself. T also gave me lots of support (literally) in side and backbends. Unfortunately I was less happy about it since the way she wants it restricts all my lovely movement - but I suppose (she says relucantly) that I have to reign-in all that extra hypermobilty in my shoulders. T also complained again about my grand battements and my hip alignment - this doesn't seem to get better! Anyway - the good classes have made everything worthwhile again. Last week was not fun at all and this lingering muscle fatigue and pain are really taking their toll on me but at least these classes remind me that my ability is still there!

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