Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pluses and Minuses

On the plus side my right hip is now less acute and I can walk better. On the minus side my body is so systemically fatigued I can hardly move. Typing this is hard work and requiring 85% more concentration than normal. I am in pain all over with certain trigger points, and my coordination is strange and very laboured. I had four days of a persistant muscle spasm in my belly which at times was violent and unrelenting. It is hard to know what to do next - I did some Bowen on me which might have stopped the belly-spasm. Testing dancers (voluntarily) has caused me to suffer so badly (overuse) I don't think I will manage it again on that scale. I cannot see anyone and I am feeling depressed and very isolated. Whatever virus I caught in August has triggered something very nasty and right at the moment I don't know or understand what is happening. My right arm is aching so much I cannot carry anything. I wish I could be my normal self again! I love my work and my life is fulfililng and happy and I want to get back to it. I guess right now it is a case of severe pacing and one day at a time. I am glad my hip has started to respond to physio at least - oh, and another plus is how much better my balances are in ballet and in pilates. Got to end here on a positive.

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