Tuesday, December 29, 2009

End of Year Review

Another year is drawing to a close and if I can avoid being too negative about my spare tyre (OK, it's Christmas!) and the fact I am not a petite looking ballet dancer, I should be pleased about many things and my progress over the past 12 months.

Today I got a "Good Isobel" for my attitude and adage - it was the first "good" I have probably had for about six months. The "good" goes further than that - I have continued to work really hard on my abs, my core stability and gaining strength in some of my vulnerable joints (e.g. knees). I did allego today and completed the class - including a sequence involving a jete en avant. This is the first time I have managed that. I tried on some pointe shoes in the ballet shop and my feet looked really nice - I will have to seek advice from K and T if I want to re-start pointe work again.

So where next?

1) More work on ensuring my calves get the right support as they are apparently very tight according to M.

2) Some stretching is now required as some of my extensions are now more restricted than they have been

3) Working on the thoracic spine - encouraging that to yield some more

4) Keep on working proprioceptively and encouraging any sensations I can get in my hamstrings!!

5) Keep on working at balance and core stability

6) Work on eyelines, relaxation and memory sequencing.

Happy 2010!!!

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