Sunday, March 21, 2010

General Update

The last few weeks have continued to be turbulent, but have now settled again.

I had some more reactions in Pilates - mainly some spasms and then an overwhelming fatigue. It was felt that I might generally be doing too much. I reviewed my goals with M and she was happy with 2 of them - e.g. to continue strengthening upper abdominals and continue to work on overall core stability. She would not sanction my third one which was to strengthen my calves. She says that they now need releasing. I have cut Pilates down a bit - although I missed it and feel restless this week. However rest is a really important part of the process for my body to process change.

Despite continuing fatigue I have actually had some really good classes lately and T said I had done the best 'attitude en demi-pointe' balance she had seen me do. T had also kept the class format similar for the last few weeks which meant I was more relaxed and therefore familiar with the exercises. I believe that because of this I have enjoyed the classes a lot more. I managed allegro and completed the full class last Tuesday, which felt really good.

I have only had one physio session on Thursday 18th March. K did more 'Physio al dente' and did some more work on my neck and improving my ROM. K also did some work on my right ribs. Afterwards my energy felt better and I was less fatigued. I will need K to look at my knees next time because they keep sticking (particularly the left) and tracking is not going very well. M says it is partly because I do not use my VMO effectively. Other than that, all good.

I am going to be doing a Feldenkrais course in early April in Cornwall, and really looking forward to the break and a change of scene!

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