Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Physio Update

I saw K today. Prior to last night things had really calmed down. My neck had felt better, and my thoracic spine had more movement, and I have had less headaches. My left knee had still got clicking and popping issues, but this was all minor. Then last night I did "Pilates into Ballet" and had managed to injure myself.

We were doing knee floats and it was a particularly long sequence and I couldn't manage it and my back gave up. After that we did clams and the charlston. T tried to gently increase the range of movement in my charlston and I remember feeling pain and flinching (subtley). When I came to ballet and starting with Plies - I just could hardly bend my knees. My quads and ITB felt full of lactic acid and wouldn't release. I kept stretching them, but nothing improved.

K worked primarily on the left leg. She really wants to improve my medial range of hip movement which will mean my knee isn't having to cope with this level of torsion. If this and the tracking can improve we might finally manage to work on my calves and convince them they don't have to do as much!

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